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August 04, 2019

OmnicMeta Notice and a Letter from Switch

This is a formal notification that as of August 4th, 2019, OmnicMeta is no longer being updated. The Player Stats server, OWL server, and Blog Articles will remain accessible for those that find them useful. You can read the letter below about the circumstances surrounding this decision.

Thanks to all of you for your support of OmnicMeta.

Much love,

Letter from Switch:

With making the decision to no longer maintain the OmnicMeta site and server, I thought I owed an explanation to all the users of the site. You all have been generous with your support over the years.

First, about me. I'm a huge Overwatch fan who is the sole developer of OmnicMeta. I started a blog back in February of 2017 with data analysis articles of competitive Overwatch (mostly centered around the hero meta but also analyzing patch changes). I've since expanded OmnicMeta by creating a player stats server and OWL stats website. My main goal at the start was that I wanted to learn new technical skills (like web scraping, JavaScript, data analysis, front/back-end server) while learning about the meta game of Overwatch. Back in 2017, there were no sites doing this deep analysis on Overwatch competitive ladder, so I went for it.

It's been a blast for me to develop the entire site completely from scratch. I've learned a lot about Overwatch as a game, and expanded my technical skills at the same time. I'm really proud to have seen the website grow in popularity, and even to have my articles cited in mainstream gaming websites like Kotaku, PCGamer, and DotEsports. Even more important to me was the reception from the Overwatch podcasting community, who have been generous in inviting me as an occasional guest host. I've made a lot of friends throughout the existence of OmnicMeta, and am beyond blessed by the general support and encouragement of the Overwatch community.

The decision to no longer update OmnicMeta is a very personal and difficult one for me. I've invested a tremendous amount of personal time into building the site and producing content over the past 2.5 years. OmnicMeta has been more than just a fun hobby - it has been a big part of my life. It also hasn't been without challenges. There have been ongoing technical challenges, including that Blizzard has made it difficult to provide frequent and quality of players stat sampling (I will spare you the details). Personally, things have really changed for me since February of 2017 including: I now have a toddler daughter, another baby due in 3 weeks, and more responsibilities at work. Lots of great and good things, but all very demanding of my time, focus, and energy.

So, it's time for a change - one where I won't spend time on OmnicMeta anymore. While I'm saddened by this prospect, I feel that it is the right one. Perhaps in the future, I can come back and contribute to the esports scene, maybe even in a different role. I certainly would never rule that out - I've loved developing OmnicMeta. In the meantime, I'll continue to play Overwatch and watch OWL, which remain among my favorite things to do.

I want to end this letter by thanking all of you for your support of OmnicMeta over the years. You all have been the reason why I've invested so much time and energy into the development of the site.
  • Thanks to Rob May and Andres Gomez of the OmnicLab podcast, who were the first to support OmnicMeta. They have often plugged OmnicMeta on their podcast, and I've been blessed to be a guest host on their podcast several times, and always enjoyed it. Most of all, I'm thankful for the friendship I've developed with them.
  • Thanks to my Patreon supporters, especially Shazear, Jeff, and Ben of TopScoreSolutions (esports consulting) for their generous support and encouragement.
  • Thanks to the OmnicLab discord community, especially the OmnicMeta testing crew that helped me debug the player stats server before release. I've made some very good friends from OmnicLab and am so glad that I came across the community.
  • Thanks to Ryan and Mysca of Overwatch Central (YouTube) who I am proud to have collaborated with on a number of videos. Both of the guys have worked hard to create Overwatch content over the years, and I wish them well.
  • Thanks to Nicole Carpenter (formerly DotEsports, now freelance) who reached out to me personally about my work and later provided coverage of several of my articles. She's a real class act, and I wish her continued success in her craft.
  • Thanks to Naeri for generously providing Korean translations of quite a few of my Overwatch articles.
  • Thanks to all the Redditors that upvoted my posts, followers on Twitter and Facebook
  • And special thanks to Bob, Mel, and Deathblow for making me into a meme - and slightly inflating my ego.

I've been really blessed with so much support I've received. Thanks to all of you that read my articles, used the player stats server, or followed Overwatch League using OmnicMeta. You all are awesome. If you want to get in contact me for any reason, feel free to send a note to my personal email -