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November 06, 2017

Moira: Hero Ability Statistics

New hero Moira is up on the PTR and already is turning some heads with a very interesting kit.  High burst healing, mobility with Fade, and consistent damage (with lock-on).  My initial take is that she could potentially be used as a main healer, or off-healer.  Below, I've collected some statistics for Moira's abilities using the Training Room.  As data was collected by hand, any incorrect or missing data will be updated. 


Biotic Grasp (Primary Healing)
  • Projectile "spray" healing
  • 80 HP per second, 15 meter range, heals over time (80 hp over 3 seconds after healing disconnects)
  • Can heal multiple teammates at the same time (80 hps per ally)
  • Usage meter allows 10 seconds of continual healing.  
    • Passive (not dealing damage) recharge time from empty: 50 seconds.  
    • Active (dealing damage with Biotic Grasp) recharge time from empty: 10 seconds (best case)

Biotic Grasp (Primary Damage)
  • Acts as a damage and self heal (lifesteal /vampire ability)
  • 50 Damage per second, 30 Self healing per second
  • Single target, 20 meter range
  • Can lock on to targets:
    • Lock on area is in shape of Triangle (possibly cone) 
    • Wide lock on area close to player
    • Narrow lock on area at 20 meters from player

Biotic Orb (Ability)
  • Launch a orb that heals allies or damages enemies (multiple target)
  • 10 second duration (or until depleted, 10 second cooldown
  • 10 meters/second movement, 5 meter radius of effect
  • 50 Damage per second per enemy, 80 Healing per second per ally
  • 200 Total Damage, 300 Total Healing

Fade  (Ability)
  • Completely disappear for 1 second (duration)
  • 15 meter maximum travel distance
  • 6 second cooldown

Coalesce (Ultimate Ability)
  •  Long beam that can simultaneously heal allies and damage enemies (multiple target). 
  • Charge time similar to Ana's Nanoboost (relatively fast)
  • 30 meter range, 8 Second duration
  • Can damage / heal through shields
  • 70 damage per second (each target), 140 healing per second (each target)