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August 31, 2018

Introducing OmnicMeta Player Statistics

Since Overwatch first launched, I've been looking for a website or phone app to help track my matches and progress -- often ending up unsatisfied with current offerings.   So, I decided to build an Overwatch player statistics website that had the features that I wanted: One that was easy to use, Tracked the hero statistics that mattered, Gave me meaningful data charts and figures, and Tracked my progress even when I forgot to visit the site. 

And so it�s my pleasure to finally announce version 1.0 of OmnicMeta player statistics and leaderboards for Overwatch.  You can try it out by using the search bar at the top left of the every page of the site or by clicking hereI've also written up a walkthrough showing how to navigate through the site.  Here's a list of my favorite features on the site:
  • Hero stats per minute
  • Comparison of your stats against your tier (competitive)
  • Per hero stat charts that help track your progress 
  • Sortable tables so that you can find your best heroes
  • Daily sessions stats (site automatically tracks daily)
  • Player hero ranking and skill rating leaderboards

There's still much more I hope and plan to do to improve the site in the future but my goal is clear - I want this to be a statistics site for you.  That's why I am soliciting suggestions to improve the site -- please let me know if you have any feedback.  On that note, I would like to thank my testing team from the Omnic Lab podcast discord* who continue to give great feedback on the site.  And so that's the end of the announcement!  I hope you all find the site as useful as I do -- Cheers!


* Thanks so much to Rob and Andres the hosts of Omnic Lab podcast, as well as the 38 testers in the Omnic Lab Discord:  Alonort00, AlwaysBlue7, BHiGG32, Bull1112, catdad, chipmunk2353, chocomonkey, Cr4Zy, Cthulhu, DisPear, farvalkorin, fooftook, fynflood, Geo, githui, gotn_jakebaez, HotDogStand, icysorrow, Jaa, jbone, jon, Jonaqec, JuicySneeze118, ParaDroid, PastorMJ, PopcornFlake, quazi frodo, RadDad, Shazear, SinfulScumbag , Torikesh, totalasteroid, TrAnssi, TwoTokes, Ultramortem, xsecondguessx, Zadca, and Zimmy