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November 05, 2018

Ashe Hero Abilities and Statistics

Ashe is the 29th hero in Overwatch and is now on the PTR!  She is the leader of the infamous Deadlock gang in the western outlaw hero motif.   I've gone into the training room and collected statistics for each of the abilities to see how she plays.  You can find all the nitty gritty details that I've found so far below. (The stats are a work in progress - I will refine as we learn more.)

Ashe is listed as a damage hero, and her main playstyle is that of a hitscan weapon similar to Soldier: 76, McCree, and Widowmaker.  Her repeater rifle packs a punch, and when scoped gives some of the highest burst damage in the game.  Currently, it seems like players will be interleaving scoped and unscoped fire quite frequently.  One thing that makes Ashe's weapon more unique is the way that reloading works.  Reloading a completely empty magazine takes roughly 4 seconds, but Ashe can also reload a single shot at a time, which means that reloading in between shots is recommended.   Besides her repeater rifle, Ashe throws dynamite which can explode to damage multiple enemies at once (with both explosion and burn damage).  Ashe has great mobility with her Coach Gun ability, which allows her to "super-jump" to high ground or get separation from/ crush heroes that dive her (she can also "boop" enemies for environmental kills!).  Finally, Bob is her ultimate - a 1200 HP omnic that charges enemies and acts as a turret to harrass enemies and contest objectives.


Base Stats
  • 200 Health
Repeater (Primary Weapon)
  • Classic Repeater Rifle
  • 40 base damage, 80 damage on headshot, Damage falloff starts at 22 meters
  • Semi-automatic, One shot per button press (4 shots a second)
  • 12 bullet magazine, Can reload 3 bullets in 1 second (reload 1 at a time, interruptible reload)
  • Weapon spread after 3 shots 
Scoped Repeater (Alternate Fire)
  • Ashe can scope into iron sights view
  • 85 damage, 170 damage headshot, Damage falloff starts at 30 meters
  • .25 second scope->fire time, 1.5 seconds between scoped shots
Dynamite (Ability)
  • Explosive that can be thrown
  • 75 explosion damage, 100 burn damage, 5 meter explosion radius
  • 2 second fuse, Can be shot by Ashe to explode early
  • Can cause self-damage 
  • 10 second cooldown
Coach Gun (Ability)
  • Ability that can be used to push Ashe away from enemies and objects.
  • Pushes Ashe 10m away (or upward) and enemies 15m away
  • 90 damage shotgun at close range (pellet-based)
  • Can be used to "super jump" to high ground
  • 10 Second Cooldown
B.O.B. (Ultimate Ability)
  • Ashe deploys Omnic Bob to the battlefield
  • Bob is a player character (teammate) with 1200 HP
  • Bob charges up to 60 Meters in the direction Ashe is aiming, tossing first enemies encountered into the air (for 120 damage)
  • After charging, Bob becomes a stationary sentry turret (aimbot)
  • Bob can contest objectives, be Ana slept, Ana nanoboosted, Zarya projected barriere, etc
  • 10 Second duration (after charging completes)