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Using Data Analysis to Understand Competitive Overwatch

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OmnicMeta was founded by Overwatch player Switch out of a desire to understand the competitive aspect of Overwatch through data analysis.  Switch's Overwatch analysis has been featured in major online publications, including PC Gamer, Kotaku, DotEsports, DBLTAP, and Forbes.  Switch has also been a guest on a number of Overwatch-related podcasts, including Omnic Lab, The Cavalry, and Watchpoint Radio.

About the data:
OmnicMeta currently leverages more than 500,000 active PC player's and nearly 200,000 active Console player's public career data for analysis. The account names are compiled crawling the web to grab account names from webpages such Reddit looking for game/team. Data is fetched using a custom data fetching program to implement the Blizzard "API", which fetches the competitive career data for each player.

About the author:
Switch is an avid video game enthusiast and data lover. Currently, he spends nearly all his gaming hours playing Overwatch and climbing up the competitive ladder.

Aside from Overwatch, Switch loves classic games and owns many vintage gaming consoles; his favorites are usually from Nintendo. He has been a tech junkie his entire life and has been coding since age 8. OmnicMeta represents Switch's personal opinion only.

Twitter: theswitchfox

Friends of OmnicMeta:
Omnic Lab Podcast is the podcast for strategy in Overwatch's competitive ladder. Omnic Lab focuses on how you can improve as a player, with segments like "Going Deep" which focus on how to play a particular hero, deep discussions on temp play and team compositions, and great interviews with expert players and content creators. They also have a fantastic discord community, of which Switch is an admin.

Overwatch Central is the youtube channel for Overwatch news and analysis. The hosts, Ryan and Mysca do a great job keeping players up to speed with everything that is happening in the Overwatch community.