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February 5, 2018

OWL Team Rankings - Stage 1 Week 5

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Below are the Overwatch League team rankings after Stage 1 Week 4 in 2018. All rankings are computer rankings generated automatically.  The overall rankings take into account strength of schedule (SOS - who beat who) and margin of victory and defeat.  RPI rankings are an adjusted version of the traditional sports metric.

Team Record Map Wins SOS RPI Rank Change
New York Excelsior 7W - 1L 24 0.485 1 1 0
London Spitfire 7W - 1L 25 0.445 2 2 +1
Seoul Dynasty 6W - 2L 21 0.473 3 3 -1
Houston Outlaws 5W - 3L 24 0.444 7 4 0
Boston Uprising 5W - 3L 19 0.511 4 5 +2
Los Angeles Valiant 5W - 3L 18 0.503 5 6 -1
Philadelphia Fusion 5W - 3L 14 0.490 6 7 -1
Los Angeles Gladiators 3W - 5L 11 0.518 8 8 0
Dallas Fuel 1W - 7L 8 0.602 10 9 0
San Francisco Shock 3W - 5L 12 0.472 9 10 +1
Florida Mayhem 1W - 7L 7 0.514 11 11 -1
Shanghai Dragons 0W - 8L 4 0.541 12 12 0

You can sort by clicking on the column header (e.g. click on Map Wins to sort by number of maps won). *Map wins does not include tiebreak (i.e. 5th map).
Overwatch League Rankings Roundup
The Overwatch League team rankings this week sees some minor changes.  The biggest change is Boston continuing to rise (pun intended).  They have climbed +2 the past two weeks, and are now ranked among the top 5 teams in the league.  They have won their last 4 games, with this last week being a 8-0 against two mid-tier teams.  Their worst loss so far is a 2-3 loss to bottom feeder San Francisco Shock - but that was several weeks ago and now they look like a different team now.  Seoul drops after the loss to Spitfire last week, as does the Valiant who lost to Uprising.  Valiant especially seems to be showing some weakness in their losses.  As far as playoff teams, the current top 6 teams are being scored quite a bit ahead of the bottom 6.  The computer is scoring the Fusion, Gladiators, Fuel, and Shock closely together at the moment.  Philadelphia may seem out of place in the grouping at 5-3, but they have played many matches close with a 3-2 victory over the last place Dragons (while the teams above them have 4-0/3-1 nearly every opponent). The computer continues to give a bit of respect to the Fuel - although they are 1-7 thus far, they continue to take maps off the best teams. Note that Dallas has the strongest strength of schedule at the moment.

The final week of Stage 1 is ahead, and holds some crucial maps and teams try to make the tournament.  The London Spitfire take on the New York Excelsior to determine who is the top team in OWL.  The Outlaws, Uprising, Valiant, and Fusion all need to win both matches this week.  Boston in particular has a tough week as they need to beat both the Philadelphia Fusion and the Houston Outlaws.  Finally, Dallas has a chance to finish strong in Stage 1 as they play the Dragons and the Gladiators.

Hope you all enjoy the matches this week!