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February 8, 2018

Live Patch 1.20: Doomfist/Reaper Changes

This patch is the current live patch as of February 8, 2018.  New skins, new capture-the-flag map as part of the Lunar New Year celebration!  As far as heroes, the patch represents minor changes Doomfist and Reaper.  Doomfist gets more consistent Hand Cannon damage, while Reaper gets more ability to deal with shields while ulting.  You can read the full patch notes on the Overwatch Website.

  • Hand Cannon
    • Damage reduced from 11 to 6
    • Number of bullets fired increased from 6 to 11
    • Spread pattern made more consistent
Developer Comments: We have made a lot of progress with Doomfist’s movement in recent patches but we wanted to revisit his Hand Cannon. While the damage per bullet has been lowered, the number of bullets he fires per Hand Cannon shot has been increased which makes his overall damage output unchanged. Overall, these changes will help his Hand Cannon feel much more consistent.

  •     Death Blossom
    • Now fires at players behind barriers
Developer Comments: Previously, Reaper’s Death Blossom would target barriers but not the players hiding behind them. This change will make it more effective against shields and consistent with how other auto-target abilities work (e.g. McCree’s Deadeye, Symmetra’s Sentry Turret).