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February 28, 2018

Brigitte Hero Abilities and Statistics

Brigitte is the 27th hero in Overwatch and is now on the PTR!  She is a Crusader hero similar to those found in Blizzard's Diablo series.  I've gone into the training room and collected statistics for each of the abilities to see how she plays.  You can find all the nitty gritty details that I've found so far below. (The stats are a work in progress - I will refine as we learn more.)

Brigitte is listed as a support hero, and is definitely an off-support as she has no main healing ability.  She does have a single target healing ability (Repair kit) that has extremely high burst healing and can also offer temporary armor to allies, and passive healing aura to allies when she damages enemies.  Besides her small 600 HP shield which can be used to protect, her attacks feature area-of-effect (Rocket Flail), Stun (Shield Bash), and Knockback (Whip Shot), which likely makes her a great candidate to protect squishes on your team.  When members of the Overwatch development team say she is meta-changing, that appears to be code for "anti-dive".  While she has low damage output overall, each of the abilities are on a low cooldown and can be combo'ed for high burst damage.  Her ultimate (Rally) grants her a speed boost and quite a bit of persistent armor to allies to help sustain your team on defense or attack.  Overall, I think she's a great addition to Overwatch though we will have to see where she fits in!


Base Stats
  • 250 Health
  • 200 Base health
  • 50 Armor
Rocket Flail (Primary Weapon)
  • Swinging Melee weapon (narrow swing)
  • Can hit multiple enemies at the same time
  • 35 damage per hit (per target), roughly 1.7 swings per second
  • 60 damage per second, 6 meter range
  • Attack heals 80 health over 5 seconds to each nearby enemy (~15 meter radius) - doesn't stack
Barrier Shield (Alternate Fire)
  • 600 HP Personal Shield (frontal shield, small - cannot reasonably block for allies to the side)
  • 2 Second delay to recharge
  • 8 Second full recharge time (0 HP to 600 HP)
Whip Shot (Ability)
  • Throws flail long distance and knocks back enem
  • 70 Damage, 10 meter knockback
  • Single target, 20 meter range
  • 4 Second Cooldown 
  • Attack heals 80 health over 5 seconds to each nearby enemy (15 meter radius) - doesn't stack
Repair Kit (Ability)
  • Shoots repair kit to targeted ally (single target)
  • 150 Maximum healing, extra healing turns into armor (Maximum 150)
  • Armor is temporary and lasts 4 seconds
  • 30+ meter range
  • 6 Second Cooldown
Shield Bash  (Ability)
  • With shield deployed, charge forward and stun enemy
  • 50 Damage, 1 second stun
  • 5 meter maximum charge distance
  • 5 second cooldown
Rally (Ultimate Ability)
  • Moves faster and give persistent armor to allies 
  • 30% Speed boost for Brigitte 
  • 25 armor per second to allies in aura (150 armor maximum)
  • 10 meter range, 10 Second duration