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September 8, 2017

Junk/Hog Buffs, Doomfist Nerf - Patch 1.14 Analysis

Patch 1.14 has been live for just over a week, bringing some pretty big changes.  Doomfist's Rocket Punch was nerfed, while Roadhog and Junkrat got pretty big buffs.  In this article we dive a bit deeper and see how the patch changes have affected the in-game impact of Doomfist, Junkrat, Roadhog, Orisa, and Widowmaker.

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Patch Changes...
Patch 1.14 had some big changes to popular and no-so-popular heroes. To summarize, Doomfist received a big nerf to his Rocket Punch hitbox (as a "bug fix"), which affects his ability to one-shot heroes.  Junkrat received a Rip-tire speed buff, and the ability to store two Concussive Mines for extra burst damage and mobility. Orisa's primary weapon fire got a projectile speed buff, and her shield size was greatly increased.  Roadhog had his self healing rework which allows him to move while healing - and take 50% less damage.  Finally, Widowmaker's Grapple Hook cooldown was greatly decreased, and victims poisoned by Venom Mine can now been seen through walls.

Patch 1.14 Hero Change Roundu
Many of the changes in Patch 1.14 are big ones, and have greatly impacted the heroes in a number of ways.  We look at how the changes have affected each hero, focusing on eliminations,  kills per death ratio, and winrate changes as the metrics for impact.  

The above chart show the old patch (left/solid color) compared with the new patch (right/striped color) for each tier. By having the bars side-by-side, it is easier to see the changes between patches.  

Eliminations can helps tell us how much impact each of these heroes is having in competitive Overwatch.  Doomfist's eliminations per game has dropped greatly, making him one of the least impactful DPS heroes in the game.  His eliminations are now roughly the same as Sombra - a utility DPS hero.  On the flip side, Junkrat, Widowmaker, and Orisa are all seeing minor bumps in eliminations per game.  Junkrat's newfound ability with Concussive Mine and Rip-tire has helped him secure kills , as has Orisa's projectile speed buff.  Roadhog doesn't see an increase in eliminations per match as his buffs were more for survivability.

Looking at the changes in Kill per Death ratio also helps us understand how the changes are affecting characters survivability.  Generally speaking, the heroes change in K/D ratio is similar to the change in eliminations per game.  In other words, the ability of the heroes to kill more (or less in Doomfist's case)  do not appear to have affected their general survivability.  However, Roadhog has had a massive buff.  His K/D ratio has gone up dramatically as his deaths per game have gone down.  He is now dying 35% less than before Patch 1.14.  This is the single biggest change in Patch 1.14 by far as Roadhog is much less of a liability when on your team.  In other words, Roadhog is not the "enemy ultimate feeder" he once was by any means. 

 The above chart shows the change in winrates from the old patch to the current patch.  Positive values indicate that the heroes are winning more on the current patch, while negative values indicate the heroes are losing more often.  Based solely on the winrates, we can get a feel for whether the patch was a net positive or negative for each hero affected.  Of course, meta changes and preferences also can affect winrates.

The big nerf to Doomfist's Rocket Punch hitbox as well as the community's newfound ability to counter him have greatly hurt his winrates - tanking -7% on average.  Widowmaker's winrate doesn't change much, as her buffs don't appear to have had any meaninful impact.  Meanwhile, the buffs to Junrat, Orisa, and Roadhog have really improved their success on the ladder.  Orisa's winrate bump has been more modest at around +3% improvement, but Junkrat and Roadhog have surged.  Junkrat's winrates have spiked up to +10% over the prior patch, while Roadhog's boost has been more than 5%.  Clearly, those heroes are finding great success with the patch changes and the Season 6 meta. 


These winrate changes have greatly affected viability in today's competitive meta.  While Doomfist used to be one of the best DPS heroes in the game, the changes and counterplay have essentially made him nonviable.  His winrates sit will below 45% for most of the competitive tiers.  However, Junkrat and Orisa have shot up to have some of the highest winrates in competitive Overwatch today.  Junkrat in particular is a standout, as he sits above 55% winrate in Platinum -> Grandmaster tiers.  Players are definitely appreciating the buffs as they climb the competitive ladder.  Roadhog's winrates has also mostly returned to "normal" as he sits around 50% for most of the tiers.  He is competitive in today's meta, and as players learn his new playstyle he may become even more of a meta pick.  Widowmaker's winrates remains unchanged, and a niche pick in today's meta.

Summary: Patch Winners and Losers
The biggest winners are Junkrat and Roadhog, coming out of niche-pick obscurity to become meta-defining.  Junkrat is being played in nearly every situation now, allowing projectile and DPS players to have another hero option in their arsenal.  While many people will still want the "old" Hog back with one-shot combo, the new Hog is carving out his own place in the meta.  The biggest loser is of course Doomfist, who has fallen from one of the strongest DPS heroes in the game, to a very niche pick.  He isn't able to secure kills nearly as well anymore, and his winrate has greatly suffered as a result.  With Patch 1.15 looming on the horizon with major changes to D.Va and Mercy, we can likely expect more hero shake ups in the near future.

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