By Switch on April 28, 2017

Deep Dive: Just How Good is the New Lucio?


The new Lucio has been available for a couple of weeks now, but have the changes made him better or worse?  To help answer that question we collect average performance stats per competitive match for each of the tiers (Bronze->Grandmaster) and compare the new Lucio directly against the old Lucio and other supports.  

By Switch on April 24, 2017

Hero Meta Report: Console Competitive Ladder (S4 Week 8)

"It's a Golden Era for Overwatch". On top of the lore presented in the latest uprising event (which has been incredible), I think many people would agree that Season 4 has had the most diverse meta we've seen in Overwatch so far. There are a number of viable team compositions, and nearly all heroes are viable at this point (though sometimes only in particular situations). That said, hero preferences continue to greatly shift, reflecting the ongoing buffs, nerfs, and emerging team compositions.

By Switch on April 17, 2017

Hero Meta Report: PC Competitive Ladder (S4 Week 7)

How smug must Mercy be? She continues to rise while her rival Ana falls - a continuing trend since the beginning of the season. While Offense and Defense heroes appear to have somewhat stabilized, there are still some significant shakeups among Tanks and Support heroes.